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Delight Windows are UPVC doors and windows manufacturers with a comprehensive range of high performance windows and doors solutions. Fromprofiles to glass, to installation and support, Delight Windows is a complete solution that spans a wide range of contemporary doors and windows that areaesthetic, durable and just perfect to complement and complete the perfect home, office and other business space.

Our end-to-end services provided make sure that our customers need not be worried about installation processes. Provided as per customer requirements, we offer the best UPVC Doors & Windows. Delight Windows allows the customers to customise their own UPVC Doors & Windows to achieve an aesthetic design as per their requirements. Glass Doors and Glass Windows will give you the luxury feeling, and probably be the next style statement.

Delight Windows offers a host of solutions for UPVC Windows in India which include - Noise cancelling windows, Burglar-resistant windows, solar control windows, Safety glass windows and customised benefit windows. Whatever the design you have in mind, whatever your functional need, Delight Windows has a high-performance solution for you.

Our promise to consumer

100% Quality Value Product Delivered

our quality control system has strict checkpoints before delivering each UPV Cdoor and windows.

Customer Satisfaction Our Priority

We believe in retaining smile on our customer by achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Timely Delivery

We put genuine effort for timely delivery with track record or 99% on time.

Pre and Post Sales Service

We have professional trained workforce to provide sales service at just a phone call away.

Only and Only Genuine Profile and hardware usage

We only use German profile and accessories with genuine recommended hardware.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficient

uPVC window and door profile has a low themal conductive, which can reduce the loss of energy. They are designd with multi-chamber which also reduce the transmission of heat.

Water Tightness

uPVC window and door profile absorbs water below 0.1% Moreover the uniquely designed weep hole the weather strip in meeting rail provide water resistance proof.

Maintenance Free

The close smooth surface of uPVC profile ensure ease of clean by using gentle household detergent dissolved in water.They are also available with a foil coating in differbt color, so you do not need to paint it.

Termite proof

uPVC window and door are not affect by termites.

Strenght And Security

All mail uPVC profile are reinforced with steel, providing a high level of security.

Sound Insulation

The multi-chamber,k welded corners and tight seals offer excellent sound insulation.

Environmental Friendly

Lead free consume less power while extruded and are completly recyclable due to the presence of calcuim zinc stabilizer.

Corrosion resistance

uPVC window and door profile is free from the attack of acid, alkalis,waster gases and salt.

Fire Resistance

uPVC material used window and doors difficult to ignite and do not support or enhanced accidentle fire unlike timber counterparts.

Polution Resistance

uPVC window and door stable material so it is polution resistant.

Weather Resitance

uPVC window and door are exposed in scorching sun, strom, dryness high humidity or other extreme weather changes.they do not rot, corrode nor warp. Even after many years. the window are still attractive and perfectly tight and working well.