Delight Windows

Monsoon-proof your home with UPVC windows and doors

Bay windows certainly give an impression of wider ambiance. The Window expert India has for long giving new technology in windows and latest mechanism is another unique selling point about the company. The UPVC windows & doors in delhi ncr are very much suited to high monsoon belts where the windows need to take the onslaught of heavy lashing rains. The dry system of the bay windows is popular because it does not let the water inside the room or interior. This is also required for hospitality interiors in plush hotel rooms which require strength and durability to bear the winds, rains and also do not allow water to get into the rooms.

Bay windows are done with additives like Titanium dioxide which has the ability to take the onslaught of UV rays and also retain the color for years. This is a premium quality by all standards.

Water-resistant UPVC windows and doors: A major relief that Venster UPVC doors in delhi provide is against water seepage. These uPVC profiles for windows and doors have been built to stay 100% water-tight ensuring zero seepage not just protecting your windows but also the beautiful walls.

Wind-resistant uPVC windows and doors: These wind-resistant uPVC windows and doors are reinforced with galvanized steel core and come with hurricane bars, making them capable of withstanding high-velocity winds, avoiding rattling or whistling sounds especially in high-rise buildings and coastal areas.

Termite-Proof uPVC windows and doors: - While wooden windows are prone to termite infestation that increases during the monsoon season, uPVC doors and windows are termite-proof and keep your windows as good as new for a long time.

Noise-Resistant uPVC windows and doors: - Venster uPVC windows and doors also help cut outside noise by 30-40 dB, thereby reducing the sound of the thunders outside.

Durability: - Durability is a major advantage that Venster uPVC windows and doors offer. While wooden or aluminum windows are prone to termites, rust, corrosion, etc.; uPVC doors and windows do not rot, corrode or warp and have been designed to retain their shape, size, color, and shine for years to come.